1) Paul Quinn – Actor (Alan)

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From: Paul Quinn (paulquinn_@hotmail.com)
Sent: 13 March 2013 14:28:29
To: georgia_ball@hotmail.com (georgia_ball@hotmail.com)

Sorry for the delay Georgia…

Hi Georgia,

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the past few weeks on the shoot of ‘Contract’ and how much I enjoyed my time with yourself and the rest of the crew.

What sticks out the most is how well organised the days were. As an actor it’s vital to know what is happening before the shoot and what is required of me. You certainly made this happen. Ensuring someone was either always available to meet me on shoot days or arrange for transport to pick me up was a huge relief.

Once on set, you were literally a talking clock. Although your primary role on set was DoP you really took on the role of Producer well. In fact, like an old pair of shoes. Your timing, organisation, diligence and delegation are to be commended.

Sometimes you had to deal with last minute adjustments/changes which happened like lightening, without the fuss of involving the actors. Things happened and you got on with it, last minute location changes and script changes are just a couple that spring to mind. Well Done!

You didn’t just have to deal with the actors, but your crew also. Negotiating frames, lighting and sound issues were a huge element. Again which you dealt with very well. Especially when it was getting close to lunch time…we just had to do something “One more time” about twenty times, but we all knew that and got on with it. You held the respect of the team very well. When something needed doing, you didn’t have to ask someone twice…well, not all the time.

Congratulations on what has been a successful shoot. I not only look forward to watching it being presented to the world, but I also look forward to part 3….or is there?

Well done.

Please pass my regards onto the rest of the crew and I’ll see you soon.

Kind Regards

Paul Quinn

Tel: 07535 625855

2) Gemma Hepworth – Actress (Lucy)
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Gemma Hepworth (gemmahepworth1@hotmail.com) Add to contacts 19:40

To: georgia_ball@hotmail.com

Georgia was the producer and cinematographer on a student short film production I have recently worked on called ‘Contract’.

The call-sheets Georgia created were of professional standard, and all received in good time, unlike last minute like the majority of my call-sheets from professional production companies I regularly work for! Georgia’s manner and on-set professionalism was of a very high standard, using TV production terminology that us actors understand and her explanations of the takes we were doing were clear.

My expenses were paid quickly and efficiently, again, something that the majority of production companies aren’t quick enough with!

I would happily work with her again.

Kind Regards,

Gemma Hepworth- actress in ‘Contract’

3) James Bryhan – Actor (Mr. Coral)

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From: James Bryhan (jamesbryhan@yahoo.co.uk) This sender is in your safe list.
Sent: 17 March 2013 13:11:38
To: georgia_ball@hotmail.com (georgia_ball@hotmail.com)
Georgia Ball  is a talented   Producer and Cinematographer.I worked with Georgia on a short film called contract, and her commitment and drive to the project and everyone involved made for an enjoyable working experience.  Her skills enhance whatever production she is involved with. Her professionalism would make her an asset to any production, be it stage or screen, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to work with this marvellous young lady!


4) Tara Li Liu – Crew (Art Director and Colourist)


Tara Li Liu

What Georgia did on set in terms of both Cinematography and Producing?

As I see, she has done a lot of work. Without her, our crew can not proceed with shooting.


she looks for all locations and appropriate actors and actresses and keeps in touch with them. Besides, she tries to make shooting plan under the circumstance of least money spent. Through the location for our shooting is dropped out, she still goes on searching for new locations. As the contact of our crew, she makes plans for the journey of our total crew and notifies us of shooting location and time, etc. as the producer, she is quite excellent and often contacts me and reminds me whether certain props which shall be prepared have been ready and communicates with me over budget. In my view, she works as the bone of team as she always seeks after all opportunities to enable our shooting to be implemented.


speaking of equipments, she leases the shooting equipments every time and also takes the lighting equipments for shooting. During the whole process of shooting, she is the only person dealing with the camera. I do not have good understandings about cinematography. However, from my point of view, if the director is the one deciding the picture, the photographer is the one who operates actually as expected by the director. She plays a good role. For example, she employs different lenses, lightings and adding ticker tapes in the light for different scenes, which is within her control. From the beginning to the end, only Georgia operates camera and lighting equipments. So I think she does a good job. From a colourist’ s point of view ,the picture light that she adjusts is far better than that we did before(Convictions). Despite I have no idea on how the director communicates with the photographer in private, I see they have shot list prepared in case of shooting. All in all, in my eye, Georgia knows clearly about what lens the director desires and how to do it.


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