Film Review: JDATE (John Dies At The End)

On the evening on Saturday 9th March 2013, I watched a Film that I have been waiting to see for just over a year. The film, directed by Don Coscarelli, is called John Dies At The End (JDATE). It was originally a book of the same name which was released in 2007, written by Jason Pargin (under the pseudonym David Wong). Wong released the book as individual chapters in a web-series at the beginning of 2007, and the chapters were received so well and with such high recommendation that he published a book, which was then eventually made into a Film. The book’s sequel is aptly named This Book Is Full Of Spiders, which I have bought and am yet to start reading, as I wished to watch the original film first.

The narrative follows two guys who believe they can get rid of strange monsters, David and John, who go to a party in a park one night and are accosted by a mysterious Jamaican who goes by the name of Robert Marley. Marley slyly gives them a powerful substance whose street name is “Soy Sauce”; nobody knows what it is, but the effects last a lifetime. Strange things begin to happen to the pair as they encounter levitating dogs, giant arachnids, people who appear to be there but in fact don’r exist, monsters made entirely of animal meat and hotdogs that can make phone calls. It sounds a bit of a weird and crazy film, but that’s what I like about it, as you never know what’s coming next and it keeps you on your toes and laughing for long after!

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