Notes From Our Rough Cut Screening – Friday 15th March 2013

On 15th March, we showed our Rough Cut to the tutors and our peers. The director decided to just show the first 2 scenes of the film, even though we had a full, 20- minute long Rough Cut of all the scenes. Everybody else in the crew wished to show the full film, however the director over-ruled us. The feedback was mostly positive, with a few questions asked. Below are the points that were made by both tutors and peers.


– It was difficult to get any sense of character with the first two scenes only. Since only two of the tutors had read the script properly, the others had nothing to go and so it was difficult to understand the narrative. There was no sense of character introductions, thus decreasing an audience’s engagement with the piece

– Intriguing Scenes, Framing and Location

A heaviness in the first 2 scenes which strikes quite a nice balance with the next scene in the Kitchen, which is personality change of the Protagonist Character

– The tutors liked the door slamming in scene 2, both visually and the sound potential for echoes

– The tutors liked that the character’s coat is the same colour as the bricks on the walls outside

– The tutors liked the Cinematography and the composition of the shots




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