Ink Drop – Creative Realisation

On Wednesday 13th March 2013, I did my first test of ink dropping into water. This footage will form part of the Final Film – an abstract idea that will be slotted in directly after the shot where Alan has signed the Contract. 

The idea came about when all the crew had a meeting before the penultimate Shooting Day. We would be filming the downstairs house scenes the following day, including the scene where Alan signs the Contract. Our discussions revolved around whether our not we would show on screen that Alan has signed the Contract, or leave it ambiguous for the audience to figure out for themselves, as we didn’t want to add too many complex ideas and unnecessary ideas to the film, however we also didn’t want to spell everything out for the audience, either.

As a group, we eventually decided upon showing the signing of the Contract in a more abstract way, so as to try and achieve a middle ground between the two. We agreed that I would film some black ink dropping in water. This was instead of filming an Extreme Close-Up of black ink dropping onto the Contract itself from above. We all agreed that ink in water was a more interesting idea than both ink on a page and not showing the signing at all. It was agreed that I would film the ink dropping into water after Principle Photography had taken place, whilst the edit was in the rough cut stages. 


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