5D Mark II vs. 600D – Comparing Grain

During the Production of our Final Major Project, Contract, there were 6 shooting days overall. I had originally planned to film on a Canon 5D Mark II, and so shoot day 1 went ahead as planned, with me shooting on this camera. However, once the director had transferred the footage from the day onto the editor’s hard drive for him to edit, it became apparent that the footage was far too grant from that day and we needed to reshoot, adding an extra day onto filming from 5 to 6. This wasn’t a problem for me as I had noted that the character Alan’s costume wasn’t right on the first shoot day and so it would need to be reshot, changing both his costume at the same time and the camera settings. On top of this, we didn’t quite manage to capture all the footage we had intended to at this Location. This was due to bad weather – We shot both interior Church scenes but the weather wasn’t right to shoot the exterior Church scene. 

My camera setup for Shoot Day 1 was:

– Canon 5D Mark II

– 24-85mm f/ 3.5-4.5 Lens

– ISO 400 

On the reshoot day for these scenes, my camera setup was:

– Canon 600D

– 50mm f/ 1.7 Lens and 35mm f/2.8 Lenses

– ISO 100/ 200


Below are the Before and After photos from changing camera’s and setups.







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