Inspirations For Contract: Misery

Inspirations For Contract


Notable Features: A specific shot


Misery (1990) is a Drama/ Thriller Film, directed by Rob Reiner. It is a film adaptation of the novel of the same name, written by Stephen King.

The narrative follows Paul Sheldon, a series Novelist who is caught in a bad blizzard one day whilst travelling and ends up veering down a steep hill, crashing his car. His “Number One Fan”, ex- nurse Annie Wilks, rescues him and takes him to her house to recover. Annie becomes more and more obsessed with Sheldon over the course of the film, turning from friendly nurse to crazed killer, all in the name of love. She scuppers any chance he might have to escape and she cuts off all connection to the outside world.

This film has acted as inspiration towards my vision for the Cinematography of our Final Major Project, Contract. There is one specific shot in Misery (see below) that I wanted to adapt and use in our film, if I could find a suitable place. In the Hotel Scene of original script, the character Lucy walks down the hotel corridor, passing the character Ian on her way. I had the idea of employing the shot at that moment – The camera tracks in on Ian walking towards the camera and the hotel door, as Ian and Lucy pass each other in the hallway, the camera swings around 180 degrees to focus on Lucy and then follows Lucy walking away from the hotel door, still tracking the same way as before.



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