Inspirations For Contract: Director- Michael Haneke

Inspirations For Contract

Director: Michael Haneke

Notable Features: Framing


Michael Haneke is an Auteur Austrian Screenwriter and Director. His best-known films include The White Ribbon, Funny Games, Caché (Hidden) and the recent, Amour.

Haneke is an Auteur Filmmaker for many reasons. He has a strong Cinematic style that he sticks to in most of his films. He is noted for his use of long takes, just letting the camera roll as the action happens on screen. He is also noted for his narrative storytelling, in that he often poses questions, shows many possibilities, but never actually reveals any answers at all, which leaves the audience, and critics, guessing and partaking in further discussions for years to come.

I found Haneke to be an Inspiration when preparing for the Cinematography of our Final Major Project, Contract. His use of framing is so strong and so visually appealing that it really makes the story come to life when watching the many long takes in his films. Whilst Storyboarding Contract, I wished to include a certain number of slow tracking shots in our film at key moments within the narrative. Allowing time for a long and slow tracking shot within the edit also allows time for the audience to react and to reflect on what has just happened in previous scenes and shots, and also changes the pace of the film from constant cuts between wide, mid’s and close-up’s, to a more gentle pace where the audience can just allow the action to unfold on screen.



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