Character Inspirations For Contract: Dorian Gray

Character Inspirations For Contract

Dorian Gray

Characters: Lord Henry Wotton and Mr. Coral


Dorian Gray is a 2009 Gothic Fantasy film, directed by Oliver Parker. It is based upon the novel The Picture Of Dorian Gray (1890) by Oscar Wilde.

The film stars Ben Barnes as Dorian Grey, a kind young gentleman who inherits his Father’s estate. As his money grows, so does his ego when falls under the influence of the calculated Wotton (Colin Firth), who teaches him about the ‘finer things’ in life. A portrait is painted of Gray, and as he becomes obsessed with a life of debauchery and excess, the portrait is locked in his attic becoming too ugly to behold, whilst Gray himself remains as fresh-faced as ever; never ageing.

I have drawn influence from Colin Firth’s character, Wotton, for Mr. Coral. I have been in talks with our Art Director, Tara, on how we can make Mr. Coral’s character even stronger through the use of his clothing and props, and also his body language.


Wotton is a harsh man who is may not realise he is corrupting the once- innocent Dorian Gray. He is constantly there behind you when you turn your back and it is his influence that causes Gray to become a completely different person by the end of the film. The way the Wotton dresses and his mannerisms are what Influenced me for Mr. Coral’s character, as well as his sharpness and bluntness when talking, such as his line, People die of common sense, Dorian, one lost moment at a time. Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame.”



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