Inspirations For Contract: The Box/ Caché

Inspirations For Contract

The Box/ Caché

Notable Features: Narrative

The Box (2009) is a Drama/ Mystery Film, directed by Richard Kelly. It follows the lives of Norma and Arthur Lewis, who mysteriously receive a box on their doorstep one day. There are instructions. If they open the box, they receive a million dollars. However, they will also kill a stranger in the process. Faced with this moral dilemma, the couple undergo a true test of the nature of their humanity.

This film draws links with Michael Haneke’s 2005 French Drama, Caché (Hidden), which tells the story of Georges and Anne Laurent who begin to mysteriously receive tapes on their front step. The tapes, when played, show lengthy shots of the front of their house- a stranger has been filming their house. As the film progresses, the tapes begin to get closer and closer to the house, until the final tape that they receive shows clips of inside their house – a stranger has been inside their home.

Our Final Major Film, Contract runs along the same thread, in that Alan receives a mysterious Contract from a stranger one day, which will change his life if he signs it.



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