Inspiration For Contract: Full Dark, No Stars

Inspiration For Contract

Full Dark, No Stars

Fair Extension – “Be careful what you wish for”

Notable Features – Transferring one thing for another


Full Dark, No Stars is a collection of Short Stories by Stephen King. The book contains 4 novellas in total, with an extra extremely short 5th story wedged in the middle of the book. All the stories have one thing in common; their central theme is of retribution. The book was released in Autumn 2010 and features a few of King’s most powerful and graphic narratives. Full Dark, No Stars is the third collection of Novellas by Stephen King.


List of short stories included –


  • 1922
  • Big Driver
  • Good Marriage
  • Fair Extension


Fair Extension tells the story of David Streeter, a family man who is dying of lung cancer. One day he meets George Elvid, a street-side seller who sells extensions of various types (Elvid is a clever play on word ‘Devil’) Elvid offers Street a 15 year extension of his life if he gives Elvid 15% of his salary for the next 15 years… as well as transferring the “weight” of his illness on to someone else.


This film is undeniably an inspiration for our Major Project Film, Contract. Mr. Coral’s contract that he gives to Alan is akin the “Contract” that Elvid offers Streeter.




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