Original One Page Outline


Level 6 Film Production One-Page Outline

Names: James Parkes, Georgia Ball, Charles McIntyre, Zheng Li

Film: Memoir (Working Title)

Film Genre (or plot): Drama/Thriller/Mystery

Length: 20 Minutes

Target Audience: 15+

Tag-line: TBA

Premise: When a married couple receive a mysterious box containing a videotape of the forgotten past, they set out to uncover the truth.

Synopsis: Set in contemporary Britain, Alan Waters is happily married to his wife, Katherine. But when a mysterious black box containing a videotape is delivered to him, his world is turned upside-down.

When played, the tape reveals his youth, and a message his younger self supposedly sent into the future. But Alan has no recollection of recording the message. His only clue: the name, ‘Capsule Inc.’ inscribed on the box.

Who is Capsule? Why did they send it? And is Alan really the one on the videotape? Confound and disturbed, Alan decides to track down the origins of the elusive sender in order for answers.

Visual Realisation: Memoir begins in radiance of an ideal and peaceful life that is only a glimmer in the whole picture of the narrative. This is shortly lived, as the unsettling nature of the videotape and its unknown origins sends Alan’s world into a blur as he and Katherine seek for answers. For every answer they try to unveil, darkness and desaturated imagery conceals the truth further. Agitated camerawork portrays Alan’s desperation and uneasiness that, in turn, reflects on the audience.

Statement Of Intent: Memoir is intended to portray life’s unexpected twists that turns, and how the smallest of things can change the course of one’s life. It is a mystery, yet rooted in a character-based narrative. The intent is less focused on the revelations and twists, but more on the exposition and mark of self-discovery. As the audience gradually learns more about Alan, we soon realise there’s more to him than meets the eye. Memoir contains themes of identification and loss, which is relatable to audiences with the notion of staying true to one’s self.


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