Final One Page Outline


Level 6 Film Production Major Project – One-Page Outline

Names: James Parkes, Georgia Ball, Charles McIntyre, Zheng Li

Film: Contract (Working Title)

Film Genre (or plot): Drama/Fantasy

Length: 20 Minutes

Target Audience: 15+

Tag-line: All good things must come to an end.

Premise: When a struggling couple receive a contract that promises the holder good fortune at the expense of half their lifespan, their world is turned upside-down.

Synopsis: Alan Waters is struggling. With a mundane job, lack of money, and the recent death of his father, Alan’s future is bleak. But when the enigmatic man going by the name, Mr. Coral visits Alan at his dingy apartment, he makes an offer Alan can’t refuse.

A contract. Upon signing, the holder is granted a lifetime of good fortune, ending their troubles permanently, and allowing Alan and his partner, Lucy, to live a life they’d only dreamed of. The catch? In exchange, the holder’s lifespan is reduced by half as payment.

It’s only when Alan gives into temptation, does he realise that those who live fast, die young, and that all good things must come to an end.

Visual Realisation: Contract begins in radiance of an ideal and peaceful life, despite bleak circumstances. This is to illustrate love is of greater importance than superficial possessions and money, and thus is the ‘equilibrium’ period.

This is shortly lived, as the unsettling nature of Mr. Coral and the contract subtly drains Alan, gradually making him appear frail – almost undead. As his soul is corrupted and his lifespan halved, the images become more and more desaturated and grey in spite of his good fortune. Agitated camerawork portrays Alan’s desperation and uneasiness that, in turn, reflects on the audience.

Statement of Intent: Contract is intended to portray life’s unexpected twists that turns, and how the smallest of things can change the course of one’s life. It is a mystery, yet rooted in a character-based narrative. A major theme is how naïve people can be, as we often sign contracts/terms blindly, and how corruptible and fragile the human soul is.

It is relatable to audiences with the notion of staying true to one’s self, and to appreciate life in both the good and bad.


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