Mr. Coral



I found this image whilst browsing one day and was drawn to it. I have huge respect for Jack Nicholson as an actor – some of my favourite films star him as a central character, for example One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and The Shining. This image in particular struck me as being very close to portraying Mr. Coral’s inner character. Obviously Mr. Coral would not wear make up, however he is wearing a bowler hat. I feel that the facial expressions are representative of Mr. Coral’s inner self; an eccentric and complex character who appears to have a mission or a calling of some sort. He is a very important character within both Convictions and Contract, therefore it seems appropriate that we should develop him as a rounded character with a grand backstory. Our intentions with Mr. Coral is that he should represent some sort of ‘higher being’; the audience never fully get to know who he is or why he is controlling people’s lives with Contracts, however it is slyly hinted within Contract that he is not human.


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