Film Review: Oldboy (2003)

Oldboy (original title: Oldeuboi) is a Korean Drama/ Thriller film. The story follows Oh Dae-Su’s path of revenge after being imprisoned for over 15 years. The style of this film was inspiration for both my 7 minute film, Convictions and my 10 minute film, Contract. The visual style of my films is close to Oldboy. All 3 make good use/ will make good use of wide shots, vibrant colours and also how seasons can reflect the character’s mood, the situation they are in the the narrative of the story. 


We have shot Convictions in a very conventional manner in terms of shots, which is the style we are aiming for with Contract, too. The cinematic style we are hoping to achieve with both films is rich and vivid colours that reflect the intensity of certain situations and the ambiguity of complex characters. We have made use of a shoulder mount for all indoor scenes. This gives an effect halfway between the rigidness of a tripod set-up and the shakiness of a handheld set-up, really conveying that realism that we were aiming for. All outdoor scenes were filmed on a tripod so as to reflect the awkwardness of the meeting between Ian and Mr. Coral and how uncomfortable Ian is with his present situation. 


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