Visual Style and Shooting Style

The visual style of Convictions can best be described as a gritty short Drama film. During the shoot of the hotel scenes, I increased the ISO to 3200 – This is the highest ISO you can have when you use indoor lighting without the image being too grainy. If you increase the ISO higher than 3200, the image will be too grainy and will look bad. 3200 is perfect for an indoor lighting setup when using artificial lights. This shooting style also adheres to the conventions of an action drama film. I decided to shoot on a Shoulder Mount instead of a tripod because this approach would still give a steady image but with a tiny bit of movement which reflects the realism of the situation. 

The stylistic elements in the film include certain approaches to framing and lighting, which adds an emphasis to the violence of the scenes in the hotel. We want the audience to feel as though they are in the same room as the characters in the scene. There are stairs in the hotel room, and I took inspiration from The Sixth Sense (1999) in terms of framing and use of wide shots to reflect how lonely the characters are. 



There is also a massive window in the hotel room which were originally going to use a silhouette shot, to provide a shot like the example below where the light source is in the background and the figure in the foreground is in silhouette.



I also wanted to use very wide angle shots for an emotional impact on the audience, like in the example below. 



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