Film Review: The Family Man (2000)

Directed by Brett Ratner, The Family Man is a Comedy/ Drama film that follows the life of the protagonist, Jack Campbell (Nicholas Cage). Jack is a successful business man who lives his life in the fast lane, never stopping and always on the go. He is happy being single, until one day he wakes up and gets transported to a life where he is happily married to his high- school girlfriend, Kate Reynolds (Téa Leoni). They have a son, a family house… even a minivan! Confused and desperate to get back to his old life, Jack soon realises what he has been missing out on; that even though he has kids screaming and jumping up and down on his bed every morning, the married life is better than the single life. It turns out that money isn’t everything after all!


The Family Man follows the same themes and the same style as my Major Production Film, Contract. Both films are set in similar places, for example, the family home, coffee shops and offices. The overall colour of The Family Man is similar to how I envisage Contract to look- With golden tones and warm colours being the dominant hues in happier scenes, and more blue-y hues being dominant in colder, less happy scenes. I will use the Kelvin scale on the Canon 5D Mark II to achieve this effect and make the picture look either warmer or colder. The Family Man also features a lot of Close Up shots to emphasise character’s reactions. There tends to be a shallow depth of field, with the foreground object in sharp focus and the entire background completely out of focus, almost a Bokeh Effect that plays with light and dark areas of the background, producing circular shapes in the background.


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