The weekend before our shoot was scheduled to take place, I worked with my director on the storyboards for our 7 minute film, Convictions. The director was ill on the day we were meant to storyboard so I asked him to describe to me beforehand what he wanted drawing and I drew it. This was relatively simple, given that I had the completed Shot List to work with, too. I’m not the best at drawing but I tried using a technique that Alfred Hitchcock used when drawing up his storyboards. The storyboard below is taken from the famous shower scene in ‘Psycho’.

Storyboard Artist: Saul Bass

One of his trademarks when story-boarding was to emphasise the main focus of the shot using differing degrees of shading. Obviously some of the shading represents the water from the shower, however he used subtle techniques such as this one to draw attention to certain areas inside the frame. Also, Hitchcock would purposefully leave a lot of space blank in certain shots of the storyboard, and in others the frame would be crowded. This is another method he used to emphasise which, if any areas of the frame, were the main focus of the shot.


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