Hotel Recce

Date – 7th November 2012
Location – Leopold Hotel, Leopold Street, Sheffield, S1 2GZ
Crew Call – 9AM

On Wednesday 7th November, the whole crew met outside the University entrance at 9AM to go recce the location of the hotel. We aimed to arrive at the hotel at around 9:30AM, to have a 45 minute to 1 hour recce of a couple of different rooms within the hotel. We met with the General Manager, Michael Skehan, at the hotel’s reception, introduced ourselves and the premise of our film, Convictions. We briefed him on what we were looking for in terms of location, and he agreed to show us various different types of rooms, ranging from a Standard Room with one floor, to Super Deluxe Rooms which had 2 floors and spiral staircases. I raised the issue of the space we’d need to film in and to fit all the equipment in with the Director, and he agreed that we’d need one of the larger rooms in order to shoot adequately and with enough coverage; Michael generously agreed that we could use whichever room we so wished on our pre – arranged shooting dates.

One thing that drew me to this hotel when choosing it (as part of my role as Producer) was the huge windows that are a striking feature of each room. I fell in love with these windows, and put my Cinematography skills to use, realising that if someone were to stand directly in front of the window, looking outside, they would appear as a silhouette if the camera was set up accordingly. I used the recce to text this technique, and loved the results. I knew that I wanted to use this shot in the film, and it would fit in perfectly!

Below are a few photos of the location and of one of the hotel rooms that we will be using. I have also included a couple of photos of the corridor as well. It was long and straight, very much reminding me of the hallways in The Shining (1980 – Director. Stanley Kubrick) The patterns of the carpets were very similar to the ones in this film, too!


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