Camera Equipment Test

On 5th November 2012 I gathered a Canon 5D Mark II, a Follow- Focus / Shoulder Rig and a Matte Box and did a 2 and a half hour test with all the equipment, so that I could get it working the way I wanted it to work on the shoot, thus minimising technical problems. Knowing the equipment inside out would also save the group time one on the shoot- pre-planning is paramount for a wide variety of reasons! I first assembled the Follow- Focus and got that running nice and smoothly with the 5D. I was using the Sigma 50mm lens for this 2 and a half hour test run of equipment.

I then assembled the Follow Focus System onto a sturdy Tripod, and proceeded to attach the Matte Box onto the front of the rails, so that the order went –

Front: Matte Box
Middle: Follow Focus System
Back: 5D Mark II

Having assembled all of the equipment together, I turned adjusted the camera to settings which were suitable for an indoor location.

Above are photos I took with my own camera, a Canon 600D, using a 50mm lens.


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