Follow- Up From The Recce

Following the Recce, it was decided by the Director and I later the same weekend that the location in Leeds was unsuitable. It just didn’t seem right – It didn’t have the vibe and the atmosphere that we were looking for and that was implied within the script. It was also suggested that the location be changed from a flat to a hotel, which would make more sense with the narrative of the film, as it is hinted at in the script that ‘Man’ has had a bad past and that he is involved in some sort of criminal activity, though the audience aren’t told what exactly. It is left up to their imaginations and is purposely left ambiguous. It would therefore make more sense that he would be hotel- hopping rather than live in one residence permanently, as it decreases the chances that he’ll be caught. Unfortunately for the character he is caught, by the character ‘Ian’.


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