Specialist Camera Equipment I Will Use On The Shoot

During the Production of ‘Convictions’, I will be shooting on a Canon 5D Mark II. I will also make use of a Shoulder Rig / Follow Focus system to achieve our desired shots. I will also be using a Matte Box during the shooting of the exterior scene in the park. I will use a Fog Filter and/ or an ND Grad O.6 Filter when shooting this scene. This will balance the exposure within the scene as there is a high possibility that the sky will be a dull grey/ white on the shooting dates. A 0.6 filter will balance the exposure by 2 stops – just enough I feel to create our desired effect. It will be a soft grad as the area we are shooting is a misty park and a large open space, perfect for gently balancing the exposure between sky and foreground where there is little transition between the two.

I will Meter the shots through the lens using these steps:

  1. Establish your foreground base exposure – Set camera to manual. Point lens at foreground and take average centre weighted meter reading through the lens.
  2. Take a sky reading – Note the exposure difference between ground and sky.
  3. Select a ND Grad – Select the right ND grad to correct exposure difference to within 1 stop. For example, if the sky is 3 stops brighter than the ground, add a 0.6 ND (2 stop) grad filter to the sky only.
  4. Slide the filter into position – The grad transition line should be visible through the viewfinder or on the LCD screen. Stopping the lens down and using the depth of field preview can make the grad transition line easier to see.
  5. Shoot – Expose image using base exposure already established.Afterwards I may also add a fog filter into the Matte box to mimic a soft glow of fog into the scene.

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